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Psychotherapist and psychiatrist
in Saint-Raphael

My studies naturally led me to seek a better understanding of the whole clinical psychiatry field, but more precisely:
- Depressive disorders, most notably bipolar disorders with expanding spectrum and of which methods of treatment have evolved dramatically over the last years.
- Moral harassment in the workplace, psychological abuse in interpersonal and family relationships, which are relatively underestimated.
- Narcissistic perversions which have been recently recognized yet still little known.
- Post-traumatic stress disorders or dissociative disorders
- Psychopathological transcultural disorders
- And common neurotic disorders.

As a complement to my psychiatric medical education, especially in hospitals in the Paris region, (hospital public service and long-term interim specialist practitioner), my curriculum includes:
- A multi-year research with the help of a member of the SPP (Paris Psychoanalytical Society)
- An Anthropological training (Paris 7 University) and a Master Degree in clinical psychology (Paris 8 University) under the supervision of Professor Tobie Nathan (ethno-psychiatrist).
Regular supervision periods.
-  A journalistic experience as the editor-in-chief of Abstract Psychiatrie specialist magazine from 1999 to 2003.
- A regular editorial work at Abstract Psychiatrie.
- An éditorial work on www.psythere.free.fr (articles, interviews and informations)
- Writing articles and collaborating in writing articles for specialist books and magazines.
-  A teaching activity in a nursing school

I have also worked on family-related psychiatric assessment singularities, on the impact of child abuse and on the new types of parenting styles. (The book is currently under preparation).

Nous situer

Frank Bellaiche, psychiatre et psychothérapeute à Saint-Raphaël, dans le département du Var. Le cabinet est situé en centre ville à deux pas de la gare SNCF. Parking aisé.

Place Pierre Coullet - Le Saint-Louis 83700 Saint Raphaël